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Application of SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer on Driverless Car

Driverless cars, also known as smart cars, unmanned auto-driving cars, autonomous navigation vehicles or wheeled mobile robots, are important applications for outdoor mobile robots in the transportation field.

Application of SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer on Driverless Car(图1)

Technical Principle of Driverless Cars

The driverless car system is a comprehensive system integrating environmental sensing, planning decision-making and multi-level assisted driving. It is a vehicle system that fully considers the integration of vehicles, roads and coordinated planning, and it is also an important part of the intelligent transportation system.

Unmanned vehicles use sensor technology, signal processing technology, communication technology and computer technology, integrating various in-vehicle sensors such as vision, laser radar, ultrasonic sensor, microwave radar, GPS, odometer and magnetic compass to identify the environment and state in which the car is located. According to the obtained road information, traffic signal information, vehicle position and obstacle information, the analysis and judgement are made, and the desired control is sent to the main control computer to control the steering and speed of the vehicle, so that the driverless car can achieve anthropomorphic driving according to its own intension and the surrounding environment situation.

Application of SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer on Driverless Car(图2)

Application of SST810 Dynamic Inclinometer on Driverless Car for Tilt Attitude Monitoring

The position information of the driverless car mainly includes the speed, acceleration, inclination, position and other information of the vehicle itself. Such information measurement mainly uses encoders, accelerometers, gyroscopes, inertial navigation products, incline sensors, GPS, etc. for measurement. When the driverless car is going up and down, the tilt sensor can monitor the change and attitude of the body angle in real time and transmit the signal to the control system. Therefore, the driverless car can provide different power to cope with different driving environments. The car body is leveled to prevent rollover accident, thus achieving independent and safe operation.

Vigor Technology SST810 gyro enhanced tilt sensor is an industry-leading high-performance inertial product that provides high roll rate and pitch angle measurement for moving objects. The SST810 uses advanced inertial navigation technology to accurately monitor the dynamic roll and pitch angle of the carrier. It has stable dynamic performance and automatically eliminates time drift. The SST810 can sense the tilt angle of the car body in real time and output a precise tilt angle, which provides a reliable basis for unmanned car leveling and ensures stable and safe operation of the driverless car.

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