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Application of SST400 Inclinometer on Bridge Girder Erecting Machine for Running Attitude Monitoring

With the rapid development of infrastructure construction, the speed of road and bridge construction are increasing day by day. In the construction of bridges, the application of bridge girder erecting machine has greatly accelerated the efficiency of bridge construction and it has been widely used all over the world.

bridge girder erecting machine

Bridge Girder Erecting Machine Accidents Pose Serious Threat to Property and Life Safety

At about 8:30 am on July 21, 2018, a construction accident occurred at the construction site near Jiuyi Port on the Hutong Yangtze River Bridge (Xitong Expressway Section). The bridge erecting machine fell during the driving process and the seven T-beams fell together. Witnesses reported that there were 5 people on the site at the time, two people fell, one person died on the spot, one person was injured in the leg and sent to the hospital, and the other three were safe.

bridge erecting machine accident

With the development of railways and highways, the use of bridge girder erecting machines has become increasingly frequent, and such bridge girder erecting machine overturning accidents occur occasionally. Derailment and overturning of the bridge erecting machine often bring about serious consequences. In the event of an accident, not only the repair of the bridge erection machine takes a long time and a lot of money, but also seriously affects the progress of bridge erection and railway construction.

The bridge girder erecting machine belongs to large and complex equipment which has many operations. The failure of a key part of the bridging erecting machine or the failure of a key operation may lead to overturning accident of bridge erecting machine. In addition, the bridge erection machine needs to hang the beam piece through the bridge subgrade, the center of gravity is very high when walking, and the axle weight is very large, which is prone to overturning.

Vigor SST400 Inclination Sensor Effectively Improves the Safety of Bridge Girder Erecting Machine

Through the use of the inclination sensor attitude measurement and monitoring technology, the running attitude of the bridge erecting machine can be monitored in real time to ensure the overall stable operation of the bridge erecting machine. If abnormal tilt or swing occurs during driving, the inclination sensor can quickly detect the abnormality and feedback the situation to the bridge erecting machine control system in real time. The display equipment can let the bridge erecting machine operation and maintenance personnel know the situation in time and take effective measures to prevent problems before they happen. In the attitude monitoring application of the bridge erecting machine, the measurement accuracy and stability of the tilt sensor are very high. The SST400 high-precision digital inclinometer independently designed and developed by Vigor Technology can fully meet the practical application requirements of the bridge erecting machine.

bridge erecting machine inclinometer

Vigor Technology SST400 is a high-accuracy MEMS inclinometer has a maximum static accuracy of ±5" and a temperature stability of 0.0006°/°C@-20~65°C. It is ideal for outdoor attitude measurement where strict static accuracy is required. The SST400 is used as the core to construct the attitude monitoring system, which can monitor the running attitude of the bridge erecting machine in real time. When the equipment is in an abnormal posture, the real-time feedback warning and corrective measures are taken to ensure the safety of the equipment. Compared with the similar static inclinometers on the market, SST400 inclinometer has more tests, corrections and compensations for temperature and sensitivity drift characteristics, full-range nonlinearity, horizontal axis error, and inter-axis coupling in the design and production process which ensures superior working performance of SST400.

For the field of engineering machinery, the working conditions are not completely static, and the vibration signal is applied to the sensitive axis of the sensor, which will cause certain measurement errors. The patented vibration suppression technology of Vigor Technology can effectively eliminate the unwanted vibration signal and adjust the filtering parameters online to adapt to different Vibrating conditions and maximize the true attitude of the equipment.

The SST400 tilt sensor can be installed at the front, middle and tail ends of the arm respectively. When the tilt measurement of the bridge erecting machine exceeds the specified value, the monitoring system will alarm in time, and the brake system will implement emergency braking to avoid the overturning accident of the bridge erecting machine.

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